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Discover how Worley and his emotion monster friends can teach your little one to develop their confidence.  

Join him on his journey, where he overcomes challenges and learns strategies to help him to become brave. 

Be brave like Worley
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What an absolute little treasure of a book for our little ones. Jodi has created and written something really special here. Worley is a beautifully characterised monster who will help send inspiring messages to children far and wide. Not only is the story filled with helpful guidance for families to boost their children's confidence but her illustrations are fun, vibrant and totally on point to catch the eye of young readers. Well done Jodi, we cant wait for more of Worley's adventures!

Kylie Dixon - Published Author

Perfect book to promote resilience.

This book has a fantastic message portrayed in a way which is perfect for little ones. It’s a great way to spark discussions about any worries and can help adults support children before tackling something new e.g starting school. Would highly recommend this book it’s not only a lovely story but a powerful one too.

Laura Nealon - Primary Teacher

Click Worley! 

Worry Monster

JOIN Worley and Co. to be a part of a journey which your child can engage with. Helping them to become more confident and improve their self-esteem. Give your child tools to help them get to grips with their emotions and learn to self-regulate.

Worley and Co. offer relatable characters and understandable stories allowing your little ones to make sense of the feelings they experience.

Their story has already started empowering children, just like yours!

"Worley's friends were good friends. They didn't give up on Worley. It's okay to make mistakes, we all make mistakes. You shouldn't stop trying." Sam Beveridge aged 7, 2020.

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Meet the Characters!

I'd like to introduce to you all the whimsical monsters behind Worley and Co.  Alongside my main worry monster are his tribe of emotion monsters.  Here to teach your children about their feelings in a relatable and empowering way.  

More in the Worley series

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Mindful Monday - activities for the whole family to bring peace and calm into your home.

Together Tuesday - parent and child activities designed to bring you closer together whilst supporting the development of your little ones emotional intelligence.

Worry Wednesday - promoting talking about our anxieties and activities to help your children to cope with their worries.


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