My Mindful Monster Plan

My Mindful Monster Plan


My Mindful Monster Plan 

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A quick and simple tool to begin to embedd minfulness into your home.  Mindfulness is a proven technique to help reduce anxious feelings and negative thought patterns.  


Mindfulness teachers your child to take notice of what is happening now and stop their thoughts from drifting. It is all about being present in the moment and allowing time to reset and feel calm. 


A great activity to :

  • improve focus and self-control
  • reduce the feeling of anxiety
  • help build stronger relationships
  • improve sleep
  • support a positive mindset



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My products have been created as a supportive tool to help children improve their emotional intelligence. Allowing them to build resilience by boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Teaching your children ways to cope with the emotions they experience can also help them self-regulate.

Each product has been designed with therapeutic strategies in mind as I am a trained therapist, however, they DO NOT replace the advice of a medical professional. In the event of mental health concerns, seek a medical professional opinion.



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