EFT Short Stories and Scripts

EFT Short Stories and Scripts


Emotional Freedom Technique for Kids 👦👧

EFT Storybooks and Scripts

Menace the Mindful Monster and his friend Creavey are here to help support your children to use EFT Tapping as a tool for the relief of negative emotions 👾

It is a simple technique that can be used to get rid of any stress in the brain and body. This technique is based around using acupressure points. Tapping on these points releases those negative feelings which have become blocked, making room for the positive feelings to return.

What is the ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’?
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a clinically proven form of acupuncture which doesn't use needles. It is used by therapists, psychologists and millions of others worldwide to help tackle emotional distress and clear negative emotions, beliefs and memories we hold. It is an approach which is changing the way society manages stress and can be particularly effective for children.

EFT can play a vital role in helping children release feelings of fear, anxiety, trauma and doubt. It is a technique that can work within a matter of minutes. Children tend to carry less emotional baggage than adults which results in them not getting caught up in the 'how’s' and 'why’s'. It produces results more quickly in children due to them just wanting to feel better. EFT can also work for those children who may be resistant to trying new techniques which can be helpful for specifically older children.

How can this help my child?
It is such a fascinating technique as it is one that can be taught to children. Allowing them to equip with the tools to control and manage their emotions. EFT teaches children that it is OK to have these emotions that they don't always understand but more effectively it offers them a strategy that they themselves can apply to their everyday lives. It offers a tool for self-regulation so many children desire.
This pack includes EFT Scripts for Tapping out a Grump, Friend Fallout, Loss of a Pet and I Need Sleep.
Alongside other approaches such as mindfulness, developing a growth mindset, EFT can educate children how to manage their emotions developing confidence and resilience.

What will I get?

This pack includes:
👾 How Menace Became Mindful – Short story introducing EFT
👾 Menace and the Magic of EFT – Short Story in child friendly language explaining EFT and an example of a script to use
👾 5 EFT Scripts (Tapping out a Grump, Friend Fallout, I Miss my Pet, Back to School, I Need Sleep)
👾 Packaged in an A5 Popper Wallet for safe keeping

What age is this suitable for?
It is a super resource for children aged approximately 3+years
It is great to encourage your child by tapping along with them, you can also tap for your child.

Other Info:
A5 Printed Short Story Books x 2
Plastic Bound
A5 Printed Scripts x 4
120gsm paper
A5 Popper Wallet

My products have been created as a supportive tool to help children improve their emotional intelligence. Allowing them to build resilience by boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Teaching your children ways to cope with the emotions they experience can also help them self-regulate.

Each product has been designed with therapeutic strategies in mind as I am a trained therapist, however, they DO NOT replace the advice of a medical professional. In the event of mental health concerns, seek a medical professional opinion.