Your mind matters! 💖

Throughout our lives we are taught how to look after our bodies. Keeping them hydrated and topped up with a balanced diet. With mental health on the rise, now even more widely recognised within children as well as adults, it is vital we pay more time to looking after our minds too. After all, a healthy mind means a health body!

In today's world we are encouraged more and more to talk to others in times of need. To voice the inner goings on of our minds and discuss our feelings. However, we often still seem to be waiting until the point of crisis. The point where we feel like we have no coping methods, no strategies to help us get through daily tasks, which is in turn leading to internalised forms of anxieties and mental health related issues. It is these reasons that now more than ever we need to be encouraging everyone to not only focus on keeping their bodies in a healthy state but focusing on the mind as a part of us that is just as, if not more, important!

One key element in keeping our minds healthy is allowing time for yourself. It is not selfish, it is necessary and we should all be doing it. Find things you enjoy doing and factor them in to your daily routines. Even getting up from your desk at work and taking a couple of minutes to stretch your legs and breath. Imagine places that make you feel relaxed and allow your mind to be fully taken back there. Visit your senses, how does this place look, feel, smell etc. Fully embrace these feelings and notice the intense feelings this provides you with. A simple but very powerful exercise.

Challenge your "what if" thoughts. We spend a lot of time worrying about things that haven't yet happened and quite often we can slip into a pattern of always asking "what if?". Focusing time and effort into the things we want rather than the things we don't might sound simple enough but often we get bogged down in the negatives. By giving attention to the things we want we can train our brains to naturally start looking for the pros in situations.

Remember this, you don't only look after your body when you are critically ill, don't allow this to be the attitude you have towards your mind.

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