There's always another adventure... 26/3/2019

Alongside my NLP work I decided to take on a new adventure and begin studying EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  Again to my surprise this new found love of learning overtook me and within no time I had completed my course and achieved a Distinction in EFT for Kids, allowing me to be an EFT Practitioner.

Having found myself with no online courses to train my brain, I decided to begin to look at the structure of my new business venture Future Footsteps .  I would say "a few clicks later" however there was definitely nothing 'few' about it! I am now pleased to announce that I have a potential set of six workshops designed to help children understand and control their anger, coupled with an attractive flyer!

With my enthusiasm level rising and an excitement for the road ahead, I look forward to stepping closer each day to my dream of helping others become the "best version of themselves" using NLP and EFT approaches.  😊

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