The power of reframing 21/2/2019

How often do you find yourself focusing on the negative things that happen in life? 

We are all guilty of it. The question is, who is ready to take that step to change?  When we think more positively it's amazing how our whole world around us begins to change.  People communicate with us in more positive ways.  Our attitudes improve, giving us a boost in physical energy.

The first step is vital, you have to be able to own your behaviour and choose the attitude you want to have.  It is easy to just focus on the negatives within a bad situation, however the trick is to delve deeper into the experience and find a positive to allow ourselves to create a more favourable memory.  Find that positive and take the time to attach good feelings to that memory.  That way, when you find yourself in a similar position your brain will be able to access the memory and link positive feelings allowing you to cope and manage your responses. 

It sounds pretty simple but even allowing yourself the time to focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses can kick start that self-esteem boost so many of us are needing.  At the end of the day, verbalise 3 or 4 things that have gone well.  Take note of how these experiences are making you feel. 

The real trick is to be able to frame your negative thoughts.  It's not going to be as easy as saying 'always think positive', you will find yourself saying negative comments but its about taking that comment and putting a positive spin on it.  "I hate how cold it is today" can be twisted into allowing for a positive finish by adding "but it means I can go home and get cosy". Being able to recognise when your train of thought is going down that negative route is key here.  Pick up on the negative, reframe it, notice the shift in the way you feel. 

Don't give up.  To really be successful at changing your attitude takes time and effort.  It is a new habit you are trying to make an habits take practice.

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