The Pandemic and Me!

Today, I find myself sitting and reflecting. In my many years of being a teacher, I would usually be getting myself prepared to welcome back a lovely bunch of cherubs. Preparing them for a year of sparking their imagination and engaging with their curiosity. This year however, is rather different!

Having welcomed my beautiful baby girl into this world, during a very weird time I will add, there was no ‘first day back nerves’ or ‘am I actually prepared?’ thoughts, just an odd sense of wishing my fellow friends in education well on what is about to be the most strange start to the academic year they have ever had to face. Me on the other hand, I can honestly say I am gutted to not be able to even pop in for a visit introducing them to my wee bundle of cuteness.

I’m slouched on my sofa, with my cup of coffee, Luna peacefully napping, with so many thoughts whizzing through my head! What does the rest of this year have in stall for us? Will I get to have a ‘normal’ maternity leave or will I be returning to work when things are still just as crazy as what they are? On the one hand, I have to say I am very grateful that I have not had to think about how education will look for the near future but on the other hand it really makes me question how our teachers and children will cope with such a dramatic change.

School offers a safe haven for so many children. A place where they really feel they can be themselves and for some, it is the only time they actually get to fully ‘be children’. Educational settings provide so much more than just the delivering of the curriculum. Having been in teaching for many years, in a number of different settings, I have had to adapt to become not only a teacher but also a support network offering a trusting, caring relationship for the children I get the pleasure of working with. This year, these relationships are going to look very different.

It is a scary time for us all. The uncertainty of where the world is going in extremely unsettling for us adults, let alone our children. I have always been passionate about making a difference in children’s lives and providing them with the opportunities to be the best they can be. During this pandemic, or maybe it’s becoming a Mum myself, that passion has really excelled. Most recently I have spent a lot of time looking into my own business ‘Future Footsteps’ and really thought about what I can be doing to support everyone, especially our children through this challenging time. Now more than ever, we need to concentrate and work hard to maintain our mental well-being, not forgetting the importance of our children’s mental well-being.

With this in mind, I have focused a lot on ‘Little Footsteps’, the part of my business which is aimed at supporting the future generations… our kids!! As so many of you will have seen through my Facebook and Instagram advertising, work behind the scenes has been full steam ahead. I will just take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who has liked and followed my page and a huge thanks to those who share posts and actively engage through ‘likes and comments’. Every click on my posts gives the page a huge boost and really does help me get closer to my dream. To be able to offer a service which can empower you and your children to engage with your inner positivity and live the best life possible!

Little Footsteps is most certainly expanding! It has always been my plan to promote my work with children as the forefront of my business. My experience of being a Primary School Teacher linked with the knowledge and understanding I have gained through my Coaching and Therapy training has allowed me to develop a number of products and services which can offer your children the chance to really develop their emotional intelligence and therefore equip them for the life they have ahead of them. Alongside this I will still be working with adults, so don’t worry, I have not forgotten about you!

Now being a Mum, my time will definitely be juggled between motherhood and Future Footsteps, a circus act I am ready to take on! I want to be the best Mum I can because happy parents’ equal happy kids but I also have the desire to continue to support those around me. I have spent many years on a very difficult mental health journey and having come out the other end stronger than ever, it is my time to give back! I have such a wealth of techniques to not only deliver 1:1 or group sessions, but knowledge I can share to provide you and your children with the toolkits to empower your inner heroes. We are all born with all the resources we need, sometimes it just takes a different key to unlock and unleash our powers to be fantastic!

This pandemic has really given us all the chance to reflect on our lives and what we want to achieve. For me it has given me an extra boost to do everything I can to ensure the mental well-being of those around me is at its best. If you are ready to feel more confident and in control of your emotions, or want to ensure your child is equipped with tools to improve their self-esteem and reduce anxiety, look no further, I am here to help!

At Future Footsteps, I offer both 1:1 and group sessions for adults and children. Alongside this I am have also created a number of products soon to be available to develop emotional intelligence and the ability to self-regulate. Keep an eye out for updates on my social media page as well as big changes coming soon to my website! Feel free to contact me for more information or if you have any questions!



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