Taking that first step 4/3/2019

As I continue on my NLP journey, exploring new techniques and ways to change my thinking, there are always little snippets on information that just jump out at me.  More often than not because actually when you think about them, it seems silly to have not always thought like that in the first place.

Those of you that know me well and have taken the time to read my book 'Following in his Footsteps' (to which I am extremely thankful) will know that I gravitate towards things to do with 'steps'.  Whether it be the fact I love trainers, or even that I like running and the more 'steps' I take the better I feel I have done.  Who know! Anyway, the point of bringing that up was how for some reason or another I have always taken on this concept as a metaphor for my thinking. I've gone from 'Following in his Footsteps' to my blog title 'My Footsteps, My Hike' and now is the more exciting part...

With my passion for understanding the way people think, how we communicate and develop I have been working hard to achieve firstly my Diploma in NLP Foundation skills.  Having successfully met my goal, my next challenge was to start the Diploma to become a NLP Practitioner allowing me to use the knowledge I have gained to help support others.  To cut a long story short, I have massively benefited from the techniques and life coaching the NLP approach involves and so I wish to be able to offer the same support to others.  I would not be where I am today without the help from a number of people within the NLP world and to those I will be forever grateful.  So to take this to 'the next step', I am hoping I can put my own spin on things and use this fantastic field of study to help others step into the best version of themselves.

Wave the magic wand, swish and flick.  I am proud to present my forthcoming venture 'Future Footsteps'. 

The first logo design!

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