No Limits... Only Adventures 29/4/2019

Take two!

Here goes, I might have to write this next blog in two stages seen as my last post, which by the way was EPIC, has somehow managed to totally delete itself.

So, how often do you find yourself staying on the same path and not exploring the other branches?  I for one will hold my hands up and say, yes that is me!  To be fair we are only human and it is easy to stick to what we know.  However, the fact that we are human is what makes it more interesting.    We have the power to alter our beliefs and behaviours by remapping our ways of thinking.  Time to start putting it into action:

Over the last few months, I have spent a lot of time focusing on self-esteem and how to alter negative core beliefs.  Through life, we experience different things which resonate within our minds in varying ways.  Some more positive than others.  It is important to spend time recognising some of the ways we can be extremely harsh on ourselves.  We can be our own worst enemies making up unhelpful rules and assumptions in our minds, constantly revisiting them and in turn embedding them as a negative core belief.  Now, it is about beginning to challenge these inner demons and give ourselves the credit we deserve!

In order to finish this post within a reasonable time frame, I plan to condense the next section and fingers crossed I can publish with no more technical difficulties.

In the shortest way possible I am going to guide you through a process to adjust negative core beliefs allowing you to develop balanced core beliefs which help us towards stepping into the best version of ourselves.

* Firstly, think of the negative core belief you wish to adjust, rating how much you believe it.  Consider the emotions you feel when this belief is at the forefront of your thinking. 

*Now, think of the new balanced core belief you would like to adopt, rating how much you believe it and again thinking about the emotions that run alongside this more positive belief. 

*Thinking back to your old negative core belief, what evidence supports it, what experiences have you had that could make you believe it.

*Taking this evidence, can you look at it in an alternative way?  Maybe there is a reason you feel this way, have you had an experience where this belief became heightened?

*Next, is a similar task for your new balanced belief.  From the past and the present, what evidence can you identify that supports your new balanced belief and looking into the future what evidence supports it?

*Now, list new behaviours, experiments, things you can do to support your new balanced belief or gain more experience for it.

*Having worked through the process, how do you know feel about the two beliefs.  rate how much you believe your old negative core belief against your new balanced core belief. 

You may feel like you want to write down your thoughts as you work through stages or alternatively as you practise the process it will become more of a conversation you have with yourself.  Again it is just another strategy that can be embedded into everyday life to help shift some of the negative baggage we carry with us.  After all, it is vital we look after number one, yourself!

To finish (crossing my fingers that this time I can post with no issues!) I want to leave you with one last thing.  Having worked through this process myself I found it useful to make sure I access my new balanced core belief on a daily basis.  To achieve this in true 2019 style, I have altered the screen saver on my phone!

" No Limits...Only Adventures "

Thanks for reading :) 

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