New challenges... Let's be having ya! 15/3/2019

I have to say I find this quote very fitting for my most recent ventures.  Having surprised myself with the ability to delve deeper into my passion for NLP and passing my courses with distinctions I needed to make a choice.

Do I...

1. "quit while I'm ahead" or

2. "go with the choice that scares me the most because that is the one that will help me to grow"

Well if you've been following my story you will know that I am in such a positive mindset right now that the second option was really the only option.  Thinking back to the exact time where I made the choice to continue my study further I can honestly say there was not an element of self doubt that I experienced.  From developing myself using NLP techniques I have conquered the feeling of 'fear' around new learning and made the choice which reflects my hopes. 

My hope and dream of becoming an NLP Practitioner and a professional in a number of healing techniques to allow me to give back positivity to the community. With this mindset firmly in place it took a little bit of research and recommendations to lead me down the road to signing up for my next venture... A Diploma in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for kids.

" The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice" - Brian Herbert 
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