Which footstep into the future to take first? 9/2/19

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

So many of us go into a new year with so many aspirations and desires but how many of them do we really follow through on?  This year I have decided to set one goal.  A goal that will be a tad more realistic rather than setting 20 odd mini goals that by the time April comes I've forgotten what half of them were in the first place.  If I am to achieve I guess the first step, the one being the most important, where does my heart really lie?

I am a teacher.  I am passionate about helping others.  I believe children deserve the opportunities to be heard and allowed time to find themselves.  A good start, but what does this mean?  Having spent time meeting friends and talking to people in different professions I definitely had one of those light bulb moments.  For many years I have had a fascination with how people think.  How do our brains work and how does what we think effect the way we communicate?  Why do we behave in certain ways and what effect has our experiences had on the way we then live our lives?  All in my eyes great questions.  The question I had was then 'how do i get the answers?' 

As the saying goes 'It's not what you know it's who you know' and luckily I know some amazing people.  A few years ago prior to writing 'Following in his Footsteps, A life inspired by my Dad' I attended a training course delivered by Thom Shillaw focusing on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) goal directed communication. This sparked my interest for this approach to communication and personal development.  With a key passion for engaging with children I began thinking how I could use what I had already learned to support those I work with.  How could I begin to use this approach and more importantly what else do I have to learn?

This is where the exciting part of my adventure begins.  I have now discovered path where I will place my first footsteps into the future.  My next journey begins with gaining a diploma in NLP Foundation Skills.  Alongside developing my knowledge and understanding of this approach to self improvement I plan to blog as I learn to not only concrete new learning for myself but to also share an important part of my life to those who wish to follow. 

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