Is there a way to make learning more effective? 14/2/19

Luckily the answer to that questions is a big huge YES!!

Learning experience: climbing Jacob's Ladder. Feb 2019

How many of us go into a new learning experience with our own ideas in mind of how we think it will play out? Yes, I will raise my hand.  That is me.  As you all know I am busy studying for my Diploma in NLP Foundation Skills.  Before starting it I had it in my mind that I didn't already know enough, I prejudged my ability to learn thinking, "oh gosh, I haven't done assessments in a while, this will be tough". So without realising prior to even opening my course reading material I had already formed a negative attitude about my new and exciting learning experience!

Ok, lesson learned! Now for the trick.  What if you could find a way to help make learning more effective? We would all adopt this approach, right? Firstly, prior to learning it is vital to be in an alert and positive state.  Which I guess seems pretty obvious.  I mean who wants to learn in a grumpy tired mood?

The Top of Jacob's Ladder. Feb 2019

'Alert, Positive state', got it!  So now I'm going to give you the challenge...

Next time you find yourself approaching a new task, put your expectations on hold (ah, light bulb moment you can now see there is a relevance to the pictures I link with my posts).  Try not to make judgement about the outcome, that way when the outcome is met  you will not be disappointed. Ergo, happy learners!!

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