💖 I believe in love at first sight because I am a mum 👶

Even during the early stages of motherhood I have been grateful to have the knowledge of #therapies and #coachingtechniques which I have learned along my own #mentalhealthjourney

Being a first time mummy I had no idea what to expect during any stage of labour. I have to admit one of the first #calmingtechniques I turn to isn't usually #EFT , I normally use a lot of #visualisation and #selfhypnosis however, the #emotionalfreedomtechnique worked amazingly. The heat of the bath water along with the positive affirmations whilst #tapping helped keep the pain of the contractions to a minimum or atleast me calm enough to not feel #anxious

Once at the hospital I focused on #mindfulbreathing , taking time to count the breath and breathe out the #negativity ( in this case the pain, although with what arrives at the end, no part of childbirth is really negative )

Even the amazing midwives that #suported me through this chapter commented on the fact they could tell #mindfulness is a big part of my life and how I stay #incontrol of my #emotions

Now back home and figuring out a routine I knew the #importanceofbeingpositve was vital! Motherhood is a challenge , it will test your patience and ability to #believeinyourself. Now more than ever I need to make sure I #lookaftermyself to make sure I am the #bestversionofme for my daughter.

One of my all time favourite #therapeautictechniques is #reframethinking , take the negatives and turn them into #positives or even just find a positive to counteract it. I have begun a #positivediary to make sure each day I am taking the time to #reflect and express #gratitude

As my wee girl develops and learns these strategies herself I plan to share with her how I have documented her early journey. I will be able to show her how we, together, #overcamechallenges and every day was filled with greatness. Also teaching her that even adults need to learn and #learningfrommistakes is the best way.

Our children learn through observation and copying. My aim is to be the #bestrolemodel I can be for my gorgeous girl to provide her with the #lifeskills she needs to be outstanding.

💖 I believe in love at first sight because I am now a Mum

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