Everyone has a journey... including me 26/06/2019

Having suffered many obstacles in my life, some much bigger than others, some very recent and some hidden within my past, I can honestly say I am strong enough to overcome them. I am taking more time for me, making sure that I am patient with my own speed of recovery. Constantly learning and fueled with a desire to empower myself and others I am intrigued by many techniques and therapeutic strategies. Most recently focusing on hypnotherapy. Today I have mastered the art of self hypnosis, a tool that can be taught to those ready for change. Along with the sun shining in the garden I have taken my subconscious to my most relaxing place and begun embedding new behaviours allowing me to take the next step in life. I am able to accept my path and take control of where it continues. Practising NLP techniques to replace negative images with positive ones and anchoring the feeling of being loved and supported. The truth lies within the quote below. "The two most powerful warriors are patience and time." 💔 Can become 💖

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