Empowering Change 

It is often the case we sit within our own comfort zones thinking "it's ok, it can't get any worse. Tomorrow will be better." Truth is, how do you know tomorrow will be better, you don't. It's important to recognise that yes, a fact- tomorrow will come, however let tomorrow come and let's be ready for it. Let's be ready to take on tomorrow and start living the life we dream of now instead of when it arrives naturally.

About 5 years ago I realised that tomorrow was arriving and it wasn't getting any better. Things don't just happen and unfortunately life doesn't just improve. What improves, is us!

For me it took a while to realise that the life I had was good, I had amazing days, but I also still experienced a lot of days where I was just coping. My biggest wake up call... Someone once said to me "you shouldn't have to cope in life, you should live your life!". From that day on I started to realise I had become embedded in my comfort zone. The zone where I knew I was able to get through days if I avoided the things that set off my anxiety. That choking feeling where your heart races and you cannot describe why it happens or when it happens.

Anxiety is a more widely known term in today's age yet people still shy away from it. It's a temporary feeling, yes a feeling so crippling it can take over but the things we get anxious about are all things that haven't yet happened. So, if bit by bit you start to take control over your life, the way your respond to situations, your internal programming of thoughts, feelings and perceptions of the world, you in time will build a stronger mental network for taking on life's challenges. Not just living through them and coping. Anxiety, that choking feeling will decrease in intensity as you won't be worrying about what's going to happen because you will have taken control of it.

I understand that the first step into this changed version of you is the hardest. The reason I understand is because I have been there. My own mental health journey has driven me to make the change. To feel empowered and to take control of my life so I don't have to just cope. Through Life Coaching and Therapy, I myself am I success story and you can be too! Change is not always easy, however having said that it is a feeling of greatness. A feeling that provides freedom from all the negativity and brings about a positive way of life.

Maybe the daunting part is that you have spent the majority of your time focusing on things holding you back or times in your life that you feel you don't want to return to. The amazing thing with therapies like NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy and IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) is they can achieve change content free. This form of therapy isn't like counselling, discussing all the negatives and bringing back distressing times. Life Coaching and Therapy involves looking forward, recognising your goals and taking the steps to believe and achieve.

At Future Footsteps I am passionate about empowering yourself and others to find their inner motivation and take back control. Allowing you to step into the best version of you. Chasing your dreams and making a future.

What is it worth to you? Are you ready to make that change, allowing yourself to find your feet and live your life. Are you ready to do something today that your future self will thank you for? Of course you are!

Get in touch, let's start this journey together 💖

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