Be the best you can be 

The power of visualisation.

I've been injured for a good few months having to put my running completely on hold. This was a massive blow to my confidence, resulting in a total lack of motivation. Having managed a good month and a half of training, getting in longer runs whilst on holiday I decided to throw myself into a locally held 10km race.

The night before I allowed time to sit and visualise the race. Take time to feel the sense of nerves and train my mind to calm them. Previously I have been extremely hard on myself whether I was fully fit or not. I expect the best from myself. However this time, I knew my best was going to be completing the race having no pain and finishing with a smile.

Wasn't the easiest if routes with some very tough sections, but all the while I repeated positive affirmations and continued to believe in my own abilities. This is the first race I can honestly say, I smiled the whole way round. I strongly believe that the mental preparation and time put into the mental rehearsal is what helped me through to such a positive achievement.

I have come from a background where winning was all I knew and all I wanted. It has been hard to recognise that now I am an adult version of myself and I have taken the chose of choosing my training now for the physical benefits, but more for the mental health benefits.

When I run I am free with my thoughts, I hear my Dad ( who I lost at a young age and was my coach ) through every step I take. I visualise certain races he helped me through and I remember how successful I have been at my sport. Now it's about being the best I can be as of now. I have to be grateful for all the guidance I've had over the years especially on a coaching level.

The years of training for physical gain but more importantly the mental gain. The work of some amazing therapists that have spurred me into the NLP world allowing me now to feel so empowered to achieve my goals.

I am the best version of myself and this is why it is my mission to support and guide others. I myself am a success story and you can be too. Don't give up hope, chase your dreams because if you believe in them, you're halfway there 👣⭐ #mymentalhealthjourney

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