Be a Mindful Monkey 🐒

With school closures happening very soon I would like to take the opportunity to support those at home to embed a little bit of mindfulness into the home.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing a number of mindfulness activities for you and your family to get involved with.

Mindfulness is a fantastic tool to promote a healthy mind and boost your mental well-being. Enjoy 👣⭐

Be a Mindful Monkey

* Pay close attention to the way your body moves, best experience is with barefeet 👣 *

Stand with your back straight and arms gently relaxed by your side. Take a soft, slow mindful breath in ( keeping your eyes open), slowly breath out, and back in and out, in and out.

Concentrate on the muscles in your toes, tighten them and hold for a second or two, and relax. Focus on your ankles now, tighten and relax. Moving to your lower legs, tighten and relax, now to your upper legs, tighten and relax. Lift one foot and feel all your muscles working, now lift the other foot, making sure you pay attention to how amazing your muscles are.

Imagine you are an animal in the rainforest, maybe a monkey 🐒 or a tiger 🐅. Start to silently walk through the rainforest. Be careful not to make a sound.

Pay attention to how your toes are helping you balance. Feel how your weight is on your heels. Begin to move your arms in a slow way, not forgetting what animal you are.

If your mind wonders, bring it's attention back to your feet again. Be present in the moment, stay mindful.

Continue moving slowly across the room, all the while focusing on your body. Feel your hips swivel and pay attention to how your weight shifts as you turn and change direction.

Move across the room or space three times making sure all the while you are fully focusing on how you move 👣⭐

Be Relaxed, Be in the Moment, Be Mindful

Jodi 💖

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