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Nature Monsters- Engaging parent and child courses

Got a little one that loves the outdoors? 

Ready to spark their creativity and develop confidence and self-esteem?

A practical guide of easy-to-follow activities, designed to improve your child’s confidence and ability to self-regulate.  Through these fabulous hands-on activities, your child will learn how to enhance their mood and develop their self-esteem in a fun and engaging way.  This pack has been inspired and designed with the Future Footsteps Philosophy at its heart.  Which means your child is at its centre.  Providing valuable opportunities for your child to learn without feeling overwhelmed.  Let them flourish while learning at their own pace.  Perfect for parents and little ones who love the outdoors!

Course description: 

Mud Monsters!

Spark creativity by using natures resources to build your own MUD MONSTER!

Don’t worry adults, as messy as it sounds there’s not too much mud used.

Monster Meditation

Experience a positive boost while joining Hettie for Monster Meditation.  A fabulous tool to improve your self-esteem.

Senses Stick

Discover your senses through the relaxing environment.

Practical activities to promote a calm and focused mind. Great to keep those little brains active!

Woodland Workout

Get ready to release some energy with a woodland workout that connects you with your surroundings.  Helping to improve focus and control.

Book character

Scavenger Hunt

Explore the amazing wonders of nature by connecting with our environment. Learning how the outdoors can boost our mood and practical activities to promote calm, reducing anxiety.

 Affirmation Art

Celebrate uniqueness whilst getting creative.  Explore how incredible affirmations are and how they can develop confidence.

Monster Mates

Ignite your imagination and make your own Monster Mate to help when you find yourself in tricky situations!  A super tool to help calm negative/anxious thoughts.

Monster Den

 Get your construction hats on ready to build a den for your new monster mate.  Create a calming place for your new friend helping them to feel safe. 


There is lots of evidence to show that when our children spend time outdoors their mental well-being improves. “Mud can be washed away… their memories will stay with them forever.” Nature Monsters is an engaging course designed to help children connect with the outdoors and boost their self-esteem and ability to self-regulate.  Through a range of practical activities your child will learn to develop creativity and spark their imagination in the relaxing environment. Whilst exploring the wonders of nature, learning to respect the landscape around us, your child will also build upon their own sense of self-worth improving mood and energy levels. Other benefits include, reducing symptoms of anxiety and stress, lessening disruptive behaviours, in particular for children diagnosed with ADHD, promoting deeper thinking skills and focus as well as developing a positive attitude towards learning.

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