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My Monstrous Emotions- Engaging parent and child course

Got a little one that struggles to self-regulate? 

Ready to spark their inner superhero, learning how to recognise and manage their emotions to become the boss of their own brains?

Course includes: 

  • Video Chat with Jodi (up to 1hour)

  • Vibrant and engaging workbook filled with loads of activities to support your child. 

  • Incredible benefits for your child's mental well-being

All for only £100! (Suitable for ages 5-11)

Our children are the future generations and it is vital that we support them in developing their emotional intelligence and their ability to understand and self-regulate their emotions.  In this eye-catching workbook your child can engage in activities specifically created with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) approaches and other therapeutic techniques.  Spending time with your little one and completing the activities together not only helps improve emotional intelligence but also solidifies the bond between adult and child.  Further developing the child’s trust so that when tricky situations arise, not only are they able to self-regulate, but they are also able to talk confidently about what has happened. This pack has been inspired and designed with the Future Footsteps Philosophy at its heart.  Which means your child is at its centre.  Providing valuable opportunities for your child to learn without feeling overwhelmed.  Let them flourish while learning at their own pace.  Perfect for parents!
Jodi Heyes

Workbook includes: 

Mindfulness with Menace

Learn how to promote a mindful lifestyle with Menace.  A toolkit to support you to regulate your emotions.

Capture Calmness with Kai

Develop an understanding of BIG feelings and how to calm them with Creavey.  These activities are  designed to explore feeling stressed or overwhelmed.  Learning to identify triggers and calm unwanted/tricky emotions.

Moody Moments with Menace

Know your mood with Menace.  Improve your emotional intelligence by learning how to identify your BIG feelings.

Creating Control with Kai

Discover how to find calmness with Creavey.  Complete these activities which have been designed using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) approaches to learn how to promote positive thinking.  Teaching you to understand how thoughts, feelings and behaviours are linked


Empower your little people with Jodi Heyes
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