IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) is currently developing and bringing about rapid changes whilst exploring an area of undesired emotions.  It is a process which is exploring the question "How do we feel the way we do?"  Opening up the possibilities of applying appropriate changes in our emotional lives.  It also helps us to explore how a person has learned to be a certain way. 


Practitioners have been known to suggest that when clients are struggling with other techniques, IEMT has offered them a successful approach when no other has previously been worked.


IEMT is an approach that works well for people with:




-Emotional reactivity



Its leading benefit is that the results are quick and concrete.  The approach itself does not require much verbal interaction between the client and the practitioner so to some can feel less invasive.  It can be very advantageous when the client is struggling to communicate the level of pain due to not wanting to disclose information, being too distressed or simply not being the kind of person that wants to share.


IEMT is one of the more recent therapies I have trained in and not only can I see the benefits it will have with the clients I work with but it also gave me the opportunity to move on from a regret I had held onto for 20 years.  I have been able to make sense of the regret that was haunting me and I finally feel I can fully come t terms with traumas I experienced as a young child. For my own recovery, it has been an experience I cannot explain and I hope to guide others into finding the clarity that I have to allow us to live in a more content world. This type of therapy is extremely empowering. It allows you to improve your mental-health, which now as a Life Coach and Therapist myself, is the main reason for me offering these strategies and techniques to better your life-style. 

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