EFT - For Kids


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a clinically proven form of acupuncture which doesn't use needles.  It is used by therapists, psychologists and millions of others world wide to help tackle emotional distress and clear negative emotions, beliefs and memories we hold.  It is an approach which is changing the way society manages stress and can be particularly effective for children.be

EFT can play a vital role in helping children release feelings of fear, anxiety, trauma and doubt.  It is a technique that can work within a matter of minutes. Children tend to carry less emotional baggage than adults which results in them not getting caught up in the 'hows' and 'whys'.  It produces results more quickly in children due to them just wanting to feel better. EFT can also work for those children who may be resistant to trying new techniques which can be helpful for specifically older children.

It is such a fascinating technique as it is one that can be taught to children.  Allowing them to equip with the tools to control and manage their emotions.  EFT teaches children that it is OK to have these emotions that they don't always understand but more effectively it offers them a strategy that they themselves can apply to their everyday lives.  It offers a tool for self-regulation so many children desire.

A number of situations can be overcome by using EFT such as:


-Loss of a loved one
-Parents divorce
-Moving schools or towns
-Not performing well in schools or sports
-Overcoming an illness

Alongside other approaches such as mindfulness, developing a growth mindset, EFT can educate children how to manage their emotions developing confidence and resilience.





EFT - For Adults

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can support young people as well as adults.  It is also known as 'Tapping' and can help people who:

-Struggle with anxiety
-Find it difficult to deal with their emotions
-Are grieving about the loss of a loved one
-Struggling with a transition in their life
-Feel alone, or depressed
-Dealing with bullying
-Would like to boost their confidence and self-esteem
-Want to be happier
-Would like to develop resilience 
-Are victims of trauma or abuse


EFT is essentially acupuncture but without the needles.  It uses energy meridians which are used in traditional acupuncture treatments.  However, instead of using needles you simply apply pressure to points using your fingertips to tap. As you tap you discuss what is causing the problem or negative emotion, finishing with positive affirmations to help you overcome such issues.  


It is a process which can quickly release negative emotions and feelings associated with a negative situation.  


" Fall seven times, get back up eight!"



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